Athlete, Personal Trainer & Head Coach Glenn Dickson was a semi-professional muay-thai fighting athlete who has a unique story which led him to become the founder and owner of Survivor Fitness & Kickboxing which is a multi purpose gym in Mission Beach. Glenn has spent his life living and breathing fitness with a passion and specialty based in the art of Muay-thai. He fought in the ring competitively out of a gym in Cairns called “Destination Fitness” under coach and 2 times Australian champion “Patrick Doherty”.


Survivor Fitness & Kickboxing is a new multi-purpose gym which Mission beach is in dire need of! The gym will provide resistance equipment & free weights so you can build lean muscle mass for the physique you’re aspiring for or lifting heavy in the free weights area to improve the strength towards your sport or day to day quality of life. The gym is fully air-conditioned for this qld humidity and summer heat and will be opened for cool air flow on days when air conditioning isn’t needed. The resistance machines are great for beginners to advanced needing help with correct technique and also for rehabilitation purposes. The machines are designed to avoid injury and to work the target muscles with basic exercises and variables provided for the learner to follow.


The cardio equipment, is unique to this gym being based on a kickboxing & muay thai background. The equipment is functional to movements used in kickboxing and is a great utilisation of full body movements which is a smarter more time efficient which is great for the majority of people wanting to come in and smash their workout with limited time in a busy schedule taken into account.