Glenn Dickson

I am the main Gym Personal Trainer with over 14+ years in the industry, with a strong focus and experience in Muay-Thai both competing personally and coaching as a personal trainer. I competed to a semi-pro level with 5 amateur fights and 1 x Semi in Muay-thai although this was cut short at 25yrs old.

Since I was attacked in 2017, I focused my specialty into building lean muscle onto my small white boy frame which was more genetically gifted for cardio and endurance activity. My approach was to stay with the current data with solid evidence-based training which I have personally felt has advanced 5-fold in the last couple of years thanks to PHD Scientists such as Dr Mike Israetel, Wolf Coach Milo, Dr Brad Schofield & Leading science-based bodybuilders teaching the new age of Sports & Exercise Science.

I provide a conceptual understanding of exercise techniques, specific exercise order, fatigue management, recovery, and sports nutrition for your specific phase of training & energy needs. Iā€™m happy to teach you so you can go it on your own or I can coach you weekly to push you through harder sessions and ensure consistent focus of correct technique and workout execution.

After my attack I had delved deep back into my Muay-Thai training, which is completely different to what it was before as a 2-legged fighter, this learning has excelled my teaching as a coach and teacher to all student ages. I specialise in holding pads and teaching Technical Muay-Thai.



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    2042 Tully Mission Beach Rd

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