General Services

24/7 Gym

Our selection of memberships grants you all-day access to work out flexibly. Key cards are given to every member who signs up online or in person for 24/7 access

Fitness Passport Members Welcome!

Fitness Passport members can take advantage of our substantially cheaper membership prices. As a Fitness Passport member, you will have the same 24/7 access as a member but at a discounted price!

Casual Passes

Casual attendees passing through town or wanting to try out the gym are welcome through our one day/one week passes. Sign up online through our memberships page or in person during staffed ours.

Sauna Service

To top off our services, we offer a sauna facility for all our members. If the beach wasn’t hot enough for you, users can experience up to 65 degree heat which is often used for pain reduction, weight loss, and to help you relax when needed.