Program Information

What does is all mean?

When first getting your program it may be a little overwhelming as to all the information and acronyms used. This is normal and is why this page is here so you can easily find out what your program may be asking you to do.

Below is a list of the acronyms and phrases you may encounter that you will need to know to understand and use your program.


Exercise execution moving through its selected range of motion


1 full number of reps completed simultaneously through the selected range of movements


Reps In Reserve. Use this tool as a way to communicate how many reps you think you could have performed after you completed the allocated reps. 


Rate of Percieved Exertion. This a personal rating from 1 – 10 based on how hard you found the set or exercise. 1 Being extremely low exertion and 10 being a heavy exertion. 


One Rep Maximum


Percentage of Maximum lift amount e.g. (100kg = 1RM, 65% of 1RM = 65kg)

SuperSet (E.g. A1,A2)

A set performed immediately or with little rest after another exercise to form a singular Super Set. In a program, this may be communicated through a Letter followed by a number. The letter will signify the Set and the number what order in the set you do the exercises. E.g. A1 – Bench Press, A2 – Pull ups, B1 – Cable Flies, you would complete your bench press set and immediately begin doing your pull ups and once all the sets are completed for that super set, you would then move on to cable flies.  


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